3.Eye Consulting; It provides comprehensive consultancy services in the fields of Economy Consulting, Management Consulting, Finance Consulting, Internal Audit, Risk Management, Marketing, Sales, Budget, Institutionalization, Reorganization, etc.


Financial analysis, to determine the reasons that create the cash need of the firm. To make suggestions to make the cash balance healthy by using financial instruments (credit, VOB, Forex, spot currency, option, futures, swap, forfeiting, factoring, leasing, public offering, etc.). To analyze the firm in terms of risks such as exchange rate, interest, liquidity, default, etc. To end the problem by working with the company to make the company’s financial balance healthy.


We enable the company to control all its data, institutionalize the company, and accelerate the processes by increasing the rate of automation. We contribute to the company’s efficiency by issuing reports for the company owner or managers on the financial and operational risks faced by the company. For this purpose, our company’s expert team in auditing, accounting, incentives, automation and international quality certification periodically examines the companies and presents the results to the management in a report.


To support the determination of company targets by taking into account data such as inflation capacity utilization rates, investment and growth in order to examine the situation of the sector and the company according to macroeconomic data and to question company growth targets.


To support the management in determining the company’s targets and working style through SWOT analysis, reorganization, workflows, procedures and instructions, inspecting the units’ work in accordance with the targets, and increasing efficiency and being more competitive. (supplier analysis and alternative sales channels studies, reporting, organizing effective meetings, etc.). To provide professional executive support to the board of directors by being an independent member of the board of directors in companies By managing the institutionalization processes of family companies, to bring the next generations to the institution and to carry out the necessary infrastructure works in order to carry the corporate identity further.