1. Eye Consulting provides valuation services for hundreds of companies in many sectors (manufacturing, banking, insurance, holding, trade, retail, real estate, technology and many more) with its staff who have done appraisals until today.

In this context:

  Carrying out a valuation study for companies according to internationally accepted valuation methods

  Carrying out detailed financial examination (due diligence) studies of companies

  Determining the parameters that will increase the value of the company by examining the sector and potentials in detail and providing consultancy services in this regard

  Preparation of special needs-based studies such as feasibility, restructuring and strategic planning of companies services are provided.

Where is the company valuation report used?

  Mortgage purposes during the lending process to companies

  Determination of shareholding ratios and determination of sales prices during the change of the company’s shareholding structure

  IPO transactions

  For investment purposes (including listed companies or non-public companies)

  Guiding company managers within the scope of increasing company value

  Determination of company performance

  Portfolio risk-return optimization